My Thoughts

I believe one of the greatest capabilities we have is to be able to formulate ideas around things we hear or learn.  I also believe it can be incredibly fun.  After watching the series “Missing Links” with Gregg Braden, I was thinking about some of the things he talked about.

Planetary Exploration

After NASA released huge amount of photos taken during the lunar missions to the moon, there’s been a lot of discussion about them.  There are photos that appear to show evidence of structures and other anomolies.  During this episode, Gregg made a comment that when we further explore these anomolies, we will probably find evidence that they were in fact made by mankind.  After thinking about it, I realized what he was saying and I agree totally.  In many other episodes, there are references and evidence that humans have been on this planet longer than ever believed by scientists.  There is also evidence that previous humans may have had greater technology than ever thought.  While there are many in the field of UFO and Extra Terrestrial life who believe this is evidence of alien contact with humans, I tend to lean in another direction.  I personally believe that cycles of human life have been occurring on this planet for eons.  I believe that each cycle of human existence has carried over into the next for the very purpose of passing information to the next cycle.  I also believe that this information is always about we as spiritual beings having a physical experience.  This is kind of a clue for us to get started in the next cycle.

Time Dimension

As I’ve heard and read, Einsteins theory of relativity equation was solved when time was omitted from it.  To me, this is the answer.  In my studies on personal development, wealth development, and overall success.  Every single one reads of doing the necessary steps and NOT WORRYING about the time it takes.  In fact, when looking at the most successful people on the planet, it took them considerable amount of time to achieve the level they are at now.  Now here’s where I take a big leap.  If time is fractal (as scientists are starting to advocate), then it is not linear.  In other words, everything is happening now.  What about the past or future?  I believe the past is happening now, as well as the future, but it is our non-physical selves that are focused in this dimension.  I use the example; What we used to think about our history has changed due to new artifacts, documents and sites.  But those weren’t in our observable existence until now, so why did they appear to us now?  This is the premise or foundation of quantum physics.  The observer effect.  It can’t exist until it is observed.

I offer this as just my thoughts and encourage you to take a look at things differently.  Use your wonderful gift of imagination and come up with your own way of looking life.




Twilight Under a Palm Tree

I have blessed to have traveled to many parts of the world.  I often remember the places and people, and even some of the experiences while there.  Of all the places I’ve been, the island of Guam is a source of many memories.  It was there I sat on a hillside looking out at the vast Pacific Ocean and admiring the sheer power it possesses.  It was also there I remember sitting at the beach under a palm tree watching the sunset.

I have come to believe that when we become aware of ourselves and the universe, it is like twilight.  That time where you can see the light of the sun while darkness is slowly setting in, like having one foot in the physical and one in the ethereal.  For me, it’s a time of confirmation that beyond the light is the field of infinite possibility.  That our reality is the illusion and we belong to the universe.

I believe we come here to experience what we call life by choice.  Time is never a factor because we can do it as much as we want.  Just like a video game where our avatar is killed and we restart the game and try again as another avatar.  Each time learning something new to move forward.




As a student of higher consciousness, I have come to question why I think, say and do things.  Time and time again, I find myself wanting to prove to myself and/or others what I believe to be true.  So then I question why?  Why do I feel the need to “validate” my thoughts.

In trying to unravel this, I’ve come to believe it is woven into our very existence from birth.  Think about it, as a child we get praised when we do something good and reprimanded when we do something bad.  Getting praised feels a lot better than being chastised so we start looking to get the praise.  We go to school and try to get good grades so our teachers and parents will praise us, yet when we don’t meet their expectations, we are told to study more or even receive some sort of punishment.

Once we enter into our teens, we begin to question everything.  I believe this is also an integral part of us.  It’s like an opportunity to expand our thinking and step into a higher consciousness, but we continue to seek validation.  This is where there seems to be a separation.  We either continue to try to please our teachers and parents, or we try to please those peers we’ve chosen to associate with, or both.

We continue, with either more schooling or into the job market, all the while trying to validate what we think to be true.  It carries into our relationships.  We’ve grown up believing in the fairy tale of finding a “soul mate” to live with forever or finding a job to work at for 50+ years so we can retire. All the while trying to validate our believing this to be true.

Okay, so the day comes when you awaken to all of this and again start challenging your beliefs.  Great, but how do we know what to believe?  How do we know we are really meant for something more and better?

This is where it gets tricky.  If I believe something to be true, such as what I’m writing about on this blog, am I just sharing or trying to validate it by looking for others to “like”  or comment on it?  I believe that I am just trying to share my thoughts as long as I don’t try to argue my case.

So, is validation wrong?  Not necessarily, as long as it’s just within you.  You just have to be honest with yourself and know when to accept with faith or challenge what you believe and adapt.



Taking Time

It’s such a cliché, “Take the time to…” but have you ever really tried to take time for something?  I don’t know if it’s just me but I seem to have a hard time being able to take time for much of anything I really want.  Between work, attending to the wants of a wife, transporting my step-daughter and her children until she gets her car, it seems nearly impossible to actually do something.  I get the inspiration to do something and as I get myself ready, the phone rings and the all too familiar “Can you do me a favor?” is heard.  I realize that it is my choice whether to say yes or no but the consequence of denying a favor to whoever may be more sufferable than just getting it over with.  I do know that I have an abundance of stored ideas that when the time is right will flow out of me like a broken fire hydrant.  Until then I will keep looking for the positive aspect of every situation and take what time I can.




Earth Day

Life is moving rapidly.  I can remember when a wireless phone was just a fantasy, now it’s a phone and computer.  I can see all those things that went from someone’s (everyone’s) dream to reality and it is wonderful, but as I move through life longer I also see that we’ve placed so much emphasis on technology and things that we forget the wonders of the earth and indeed universe.  While I can watch a movie or TV show on my phone, computer and tablet, I can’t connect to it like a beautiful mountain lake or a pristine sandy beach or majestic mountain.  Today is a reminder that while technology enhances our existence, it does not fulfill our souls or gives our lives meaning.  HAPPY EARTH DAY everyone.




Dreams and Visions

We all have dreams.  Dreams when we sleep and dreams of grandeur.  Not everyone has visions.  There are visions of insight and there are visions of accomplishment.  Why?  I believe it is in a progression.  We find something we like, we decide we want it, we start dreaming about having it.  This is where the magic begins.  We make the dream a vision with clarity.  We add emotion and sensation of having it.  We start looking for ways to get it.  We take steps.  This is where the universe steps in and starts aligning with our intent.  And Voila! we have it.  It is simple but not easy.  Along the way we encounter subversion from limiting beliefs, people who say it can’t be done, and doubt.  It is only when we get past the fears, whether they are of failure or success, we see results.

We are created to dream and envision so we can unite with the universal conscious and make things happen.  And we do make things happen, either what we want or what we don’t want.  It is our choice.



Make a Path

A few years ago I decided to find myself and be who I am.  We all do it, sometimes more than once.  Even with that conscious decision I found myself struggling with subconscious beliefs that keep me from truly expressing myself.  So how do I get past it?  The first step is to recognize it.  When you are aware you’ll feel it.  Like when you get the urge to do something different and maybe a little out there but you stop short and start dwelling on the consequences.  That is a programmed fear coming from your subconscious.  To be clear, I’m not talking about doing anything harmful to yourself or anyone else, but something that others might say “That’s not you.”  The truth is what you decide.  If you desire it there must be a reason.  First, accept that it is you and then make your own path.  If your friends and family support you, great, if not, then maybe it’s time to let them go.  Second, feel as though it’s already happened and be grateful.  Life is a journey of learning and experience.  If we deny ourselves the experience, how can we possibly learn?

Blessed Be,