Twilight Under a Palm Tree

I have blessed to have traveled to many parts of the world.  I often remember the places and people, and even some of the experiences while there.  Of all the places I’ve been, the island of Guam is a source of many memories.  It was there I sat on a hillside looking out at the vast Pacific Ocean and admiring the sheer power it possesses.  It was also there I remember sitting at the beach under a palm tree watching the sunset.

I have come to believe that when we become aware of ourselves and the universe, it is like twilight.  That time where you can see the light of the sun while darkness is slowly setting in, like having one foot in the physical and one in the ethereal.  For me, it’s a time of confirmation that beyond the light is the field of infinite possibility.  That our reality is the illusion and we belong to the universe.

I believe we come here to experience what we call life by choice.  Time is never a factor because we can do it as much as we want.  Just like a video game where our avatar is killed and we restart the game and try again as another avatar.  Each time learning something new to move forward.




Changing Paradigms

I want to share a lesson from the masterclass I’m currently taking.  Most all of us have heard the term “paradigms.”  In a nutshell, they are adopted beliefs from someone elses point of view.  One of the biggest and most adopted paradigms is the have-be-do.  It is the belief that we must “have” money to “be” in a position to “do” the things we want.  It sounds logical, but it doesn’t work that way.  In fact, the people who do have money don’t think that way.  Their paradigm is be-do-have.  They act like they have enough and do what they can and then more comes.

I was introduced to this while in the military, I just didn’t know it.  I was talking with my Chief about my career and he told me, “You have to think two pay grades ahead of where you are to get promoted.”  In other words, as an E-4, I had to think (and act) like an E-6 to get to E-5.  It worked, I got the promotion but I didn’t know enough to apply it to the rest of my life.

Changing the paradigm is simple, not easy.  It takes practice by changing habits, sometimes people and maybe even a place, or all of them.  The only question is what do you want?  Again, simple but not necessarily easy.  We all have multiple dreams.  For some it’s not about having a mansion, but their first house.  Others may have the money but not the health or relationship they dream about.  It doesn’t matter what the dream or even goal is, changing the paradigm is the key.



The Learning Investment

I am making a confession.  For years I’ve read many books (mostly from the public library), listened to and watched free videos, and taken advantage of numerous free training offers.  They all have helped me tremendously, however, I found myself at a point where I just couldn’t seem to make any more progress.  Since money was a big obstacle (perceived), I always said I just couldn’t afford to spend the money for the full program.  That is until recently.

It was in one of those free emails, I was led to a letter from a person, like me, who did the exact same thing.  Their letter would’ve very well been mine except for the end where they finally invested in the course and the results they got.

Since I don’t believe in coincidences, I knew I was meant to read it.  I decided to take the leap of faith and purchase a full program with all the bells and whistles.  While I’m still taking the course, I have already seen and felt the difference.  I now have accountability ( a good thing) and motivation to get the most for my money, which I am finding out is part of my procrastination and limiting belief to my dreams.

I do believe in due diligence with what we receive, but there is that fine line between being responsible (I did have enough and didn’t compromise any bill payments) and the fear of losing what we have (limiting belief).

I am writing from my heart when I say, do what it takes to clear the obstacles from the life of your dreams.  Invest in your happiness and dreams.  You can never be disappointed.



Particle or Wave

I love reading or listening to Dr. Joe Dispenza.  He’s great at breaking down the science of the brain and applying it to our consciousness.  In one of his talks, he refers to thinking in either particle or wave.  Particle being our physical dimension and wave being our conscious being.  To back up a moment and explain, science has proven that everything can be reduced from an organism down to a cell to an atom to energy (or light) vibrating at a certain frequency.  Particle is the atom up to the organism and wave being the energy.

When we have thoughts, they can be from the particle view or they can be from the wave view.  Particle thoughts come from our past experiences and learning, beliefs we have adopted in our physical being.  They usually are limiting and are attached to an emotion.  On the other hand, thoughts that come from the wave are unlimited and come from the view of infinite possibility.

I recently experienced the difference as I was met with a challenging situation.  My limiting beliefs kept telling me I should not or could not do what I wanted.  As I thought more, that phrase came to mind, particle or wave.  I instantly knew I was looking at it wrong.  I started meditating to let go of the fear and it wasn’t long when I started seeing and feeling that everything was possible.  It didn’t last a long time, but even for a second, I knew without any doubt that it could be done.

Needless to say, the situation changed.  It was never what I thought it was and I am moving on in a better direction.


The Fine Line

Living a life of awareness, you will find yourself in what I call the third position.  What I mean is that you will see both sides of everything and notice what each side is for and against.  In most cases, you will see that both sides want the same thing but it’s the way of getting it that differs.  This is especially true in the world of self-help and spiritual guidance.

I recently watched a video of Vishen Lakhiani, the founder of Mindvalley, talk about how he views himself as an activist for unity as opposed to just an entrepreneur.  I have a lot of respect for him and agree that world unity is indeed a worthy desire.  However, in his talk, he brought up the issue of the pubic being “lied to” by large corporations promoting their products.

This is where the fine line comes in.  It is great to support the desire for world unity and peace and even promote products to enhance knowledge and awareness.  But it cannot be dictated.  It can only happen when each individual decides they want to live in peace and harmony.

As for the lies and propaganda that comes from corporations, when no one is buying their product, they will go away.

The fine line is between desiring something worthy and living it versus trying to persuade others to see it your way.  Observing both sides is a neutral position, once you voice support for or against something, you’ve taken a side.

As I mentioned before, everyone has choice, it is a universal law that cannot be violated, no matter the circumstances or repercussions.

I realize that even this post may be a fine line but I do intend it with Love and Gratitude for mankind.


Love And Forgiveness

We know we’re supposed to love and forgive everyone.  That is a challenge in itself.  It does not come easy, it takes an effort to really love and forgive those who’ve betrayed our trust in some way.  In fact, it may take a long time to really get to that moment when you can honestly feel it.  I believe it’s something we really want and are trying.

What about loving and forgiving ourselves?  I know for me, that’s even harder.  After all, we are our own worst critics.  Once we become aware, we consciously take responsibility for what we’ve done, yet, forgiving ourselves can seem almost impossible.  Especially when we seem to repeat something we know we shouldn’t do.  So how do we love and forgive ourselves?

Just like affirmations, I believe we need to repeat the words everyday, “I love and forgive myself unconditionally.”  I also believe that is where we need to start in order to truly forgive others.  Sometimes the lesson we need to learn is simply that, to love and forgive.  That also may be the reason we repeat those things we know aren’t in our best interest.

It also brings the point of staying present.  We only need to forgive what’s already done, it’s in the past.


Good Stuff

Having celebrated my 60th birthday earlier this year, I’ve been around long enough to observe many trends.  I thought I might share with you some of the amazing things I (and possibly you) have seen come to be.

The Internet

I remember a time before the internet.  In fact, when I entered the Air Force in 1976, our computer was a Univac 1050-II.  It was so large, it was housed in its own room.  Our “keyboard” was a telex type machine.  You typed a header on a form and hit send, the computer would then fill out the rest of the form.  Now there are tablets, pc’s and even a smartphone can do computing.

Cell Phones

Again, there was a time when there were no cell phones, only land lines.  The first cell phones were like walky-talkies.  Then came the flip phones, and eventually the smart phones.

Organic And Natural Foods

While organic foods have been around, they were generally not available in your mainstream grocery store.  Now due to an increased awareness of health, virtually every major grocery has them.

Environmental Awareness

Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s, environmental awareness had only just begun.  It has taken a while, but we are living in an extremely better environment than then.  Just to be clear, we are facing climate change, but if you research the real science, it’s not all due to what we’ve done.  Yes we can and should continue to reduce the emissions we put into the air, but we are on the right track.

Conscious Awareness

It may seem as though conscious awareness is somewhat new, but it isn’t.  What is new is the ability to foster this awareness on such a level.  For nearly 2000 years, dogma has ruled the lives of most of the population.  Studies now show that nearly 70% of the population looks to spirituality instead of religion.  And many of those who do look to organized religion, look with a broader scope of acceptance for all faiths.


I am grateful and thankful for all of these miraculous things I’ve been able to witness.  I am also excited beyond comprehension for the advancements coming in the future.