My Thoughts

I believe one of the greatest capabilities we have is to be able to formulate ideas around things we hear or learn.  I also believe it can be incredibly fun.  After watching the series “Missing Links” with Gregg Braden, I was thinking about some of the things he talked about.

Planetary Exploration

After NASA released huge amount of photos taken during the lunar missions to the moon, there’s been a lot of discussion about them.  There are photos that appear to show evidence of structures and other anomolies.  During this episode, Gregg made a comment that when we further explore these anomolies, we will probably find evidence that they were in fact made by mankind.  After thinking about it, I realized what he was saying and I agree totally.  In many other episodes, there are references and evidence that humans have been on this planet longer than ever believed by scientists.  There is also evidence that previous humans may have had greater technology than ever thought.  While there are many in the field of UFO and Extra Terrestrial life who believe this is evidence of alien contact with humans, I tend to lean in another direction.  I personally believe that cycles of human life have been occurring on this planet for eons.  I believe that each cycle of human existence has carried over into the next for the very purpose of passing information to the next cycle.  I also believe that this information is always about we as spiritual beings having a physical experience.  This is kind of a clue for us to get started in the next cycle.

Time Dimension

As I’ve heard and read, Einsteins theory of relativity equation was solved when time was omitted from it.  To me, this is the answer.  In my studies on personal development, wealth development, and overall success.  Every single one reads of doing the necessary steps and NOT WORRYING about the time it takes.  In fact, when looking at the most successful people on the planet, it took them considerable amount of time to achieve the level they are at now.  Now here’s where I take a big leap.  If time is fractal (as scientists are starting to advocate), then it is not linear.  In other words, everything is happening now.  What about the past or future?  I believe the past is happening now, as well as the future, but it is our non-physical selves that are focused in this dimension.  I use the example; What we used to think about our history has changed due to new artifacts, documents and sites.  But those weren’t in our observable existence until now, so why did they appear to us now?  This is the premise or foundation of quantum physics.  The observer effect.  It can’t exist until it is observed.

I offer this as just my thoughts and encourage you to take a look at things differently.  Use your wonderful gift of imagination and come up with your own way of looking life.




The Core

I have often touched on the subject of limiting beliefs and the need to change them but it wasn’t till today that I truly understood what that meant.  I thought I could just somehow acknowledge a belief I had and change it, however, today I learned that I’ve never really gotten to the core of my beliefs.  For the first time I realized that I have only been “consciously” aware of just a few things and thought I was changing them.  I now know that core beliefs or those beliefs we have that we don’t even realize we have.  They are those automatic responses and thoughts that occur.  I can now see that while awareness is the first step, it takes daily effort to “weed” them out, then correct it.  It is important to understand that these beliefs are from years of reinforcement and can not be eradicated in a day.  It may take me years to completely change them but it’s worth it.  There are many but as I confront them I begin to feel better and in more control.



Oh No, Not Again

In this journey called life, there are many things to overcome.  First, to become aware of your spiritual self (consciousness), second, find your purpose, and finally, reflect and learn.  Okay, so number one is a check.  Number two is a little harder.  Number three, oh crap.  Why am still in the same situation?  After all, I am aware and feed my soul with education, gratitude, and love.  I have changed myself so much, what is it I’m missing?  Scrolling through the wonderful, inspirational posts on FB I come across one that reminded me, change starts within but it has to finish on the outside to be complete, or in other words DO Something Different just don’t think about it.




The Connection of 3

In my last post (3 Sides Not 2), I alluded to all situations having 3 sides instead of 2.  After reading and studying a bit further I have found another revelation pertaining to the number 3.  In my studies I came across a lesson that described mankind having a higher and lower self.  The higher being our spiritual and lower being our physical, however, I believe there is a missing piece.  We have all been exposed to the reference of spiritual,  mental, and physical or conscious, subconscious and superconscious.  I believe that our mental self is the conduit (like) that provides the connection between the higher and lower selves.  Without the mental capability to recognize we have a spirit we would just function mindlessly based on perceived stimuli.  There is support for this in spiritual texts like the Bible referring to the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.  I believe we are all born with the intuition that we are more than just a physical being and it’s in our mind.  I also believe that every person comes to face that at some point in their life be it from a teaching, a life changing event or even at the point of death.  Once it is fully accepted, like a muscle that’s exercised, in time that connection grows stronger until our higher self becomes more visible.



3 Sides not 2

Have you ever wondered why the pyramids have 3 sides?  In all that I’ve read, I never came across any reason other than having to do with the afterlife.  It occurred to me that maybe it is a sign that has to do with the living.  You see, we have all been brought up to look at things in 2 sides, pro/con, for/against etc…  But as I continue to look at things I see there is a third side to everything.  We don’t have to be either for or against, there is a neutral position and that position is the key to harmony.  It’s not always about being positive but removing yourself from the opinion of the situation.  I don’t know how many times I’ve been brought into a discussion about something or someone and was expected to take a side, but inside I could feel that they or it was neither right or wrong.  I’ve come to the conclusion that this is where the acceptance of what is lies.  This is where we can move our attention to ourselves and be happiest.  If we no longer gave attention to those things that happen to others and focus on our experiences and lessons, we are truly free.  I find myself doing this more and miraculous things are happening.



Be the Artist You Are

We are all born with a “right and left brain”.  The left is predominantly logic and reason while the right is artistic and creative.  As we gain more skill in what we do, the performing part becomes more artistic.  For example, A CPA is good with numbers and filling out forms but as they become more skillful and adept they soon are able to see and feel things on a different level.  They become able to look at a persons return and just know the best possible way to file their return.  They perform the tasks with ease and confidence.  They are now artistic in their work.  Another example is a musician who learns to play an instrument.  They learn to read the music then play the corresponding notes on the instrument.  As they continue to play and develop skill they began to inject feeling into the playing the music and thus go from just a musician to artist.

To learn, practice and become is life.  It is what makes living so enjoyable.  When you become what you want, share it and repeat as often as you like.



Nothing to Say

I’ve been sitting here for nearly an hour trying to find a spark to write about something.  Usually when I get writers’ block I just get up and go do something else until I come up with it but today is different.  I really want to write, I just don’t know what.  I started a couple of topics and quickly discarded them, so what is it exactly?  Maybe it’s just a feeling that isn’t easy to put into words.  It’s a warm day with the sun shining.  There’s a few clouds in the sky but there is something in the air.  I can hear the music playing in the other room, it’s a nature music station on Pandora.  It’s soothing and melodic.  I feel the connection to everything.  It’s a magnificent feeling as if everything is perfect as it is and nothing needs to be said, just felt.