My Thoughts

I believe one of the greatest capabilities we have is to be able to formulate ideas around things we hear or learn.  I also believe it can be incredibly fun.  After watching the series “Missing Links” with Gregg Braden, I was thinking about some of the things he talked about.

Planetary Exploration

After NASA released huge amount of photos taken during the lunar missions to the moon, there’s been a lot of discussion about them.  There are photos that appear to show evidence of structures and other anomolies.  During this episode, Gregg made a comment that when we further explore these anomolies, we will probably find evidence that they were in fact made by mankind.  After thinking about it, I realized what he was saying and I agree totally.  In many other episodes, there are references and evidence that humans have been on this planet longer than ever believed by scientists.  There is also evidence that previous humans may have had greater technology than ever thought.  While there are many in the field of UFO and Extra Terrestrial life who believe this is evidence of alien contact with humans, I tend to lean in another direction.  I personally believe that cycles of human life have been occurring on this planet for eons.  I believe that each cycle of human existence has carried over into the next for the very purpose of passing information to the next cycle.  I also believe that this information is always about we as spiritual beings having a physical experience.  This is kind of a clue for us to get started in the next cycle.

Time Dimension

As I’ve heard and read, Einsteins theory of relativity equation was solved when time was omitted from it.  To me, this is the answer.  In my studies on personal development, wealth development, and overall success.  Every single one reads of doing the necessary steps and NOT WORRYING about the time it takes.  In fact, when looking at the most successful people on the planet, it took them considerable amount of time to achieve the level they are at now.  Now here’s where I take a big leap.  If time is fractal (as scientists are starting to advocate), then it is not linear.  In other words, everything is happening now.  What about the past or future?  I believe the past is happening now, as well as the future, but it is our non-physical selves that are focused in this dimension.  I use the example; What we used to think about our history has changed due to new artifacts, documents and sites.  But those weren’t in our observable existence until now, so why did they appear to us now?  This is the premise or foundation of quantum physics.  The observer effect.  It can’t exist until it is observed.

I offer this as just my thoughts and encourage you to take a look at things differently.  Use your wonderful gift of imagination and come up with your own way of looking life.




Emotional Guidance

If there is one thing I’ve been learning, and continue to learn, it’s the total misconception of emotions.  The prevalent thinking is we feel things as a response to what others may do and say, and it’s uncontrollable.  But we also know from scientific studies that our emotions are triggered from past events and teachings in our lives.  But what if we could override those things and replace them with new ones?  Well, neuroscience has shown that we can with awareness.  When you’re aware of a feeling, you then have the choice to keep it or change it.  So how do we use this as guidance?  I want to touch on a couple of things that may shed some light.

Gratitude and Value:  The majority of people are taught at a young age to say “thank you” when they receive something.  When taught, they usually don’t understand the emotion of really being grateful, but say it because they’re supposed to.  At times, when they get something they really wanted, they do experience that feeling.  But the majority of the time it’s just a learned habit.  Don’t get me wrong, it is a good habit, but let’s take a look at this a little closer.  A child get’s a toy they’ve wanted, they’re really excited and thankful.  A short time passes and they’re tired of the toy, it’s broken or lost.  For them, it’s value has gone and it’s now time for another.  Fast forward to adulthood.  How many times have we wanted something, got it, only to be ready for the next thing.  True gratitude should be felt.  So where does value come in?  The extent of our gratitude is related to how much we value of what we receive.  I remember as a teen, the first car I got.  Being able to get out of the house and just go anywhere was the greatest thing.  I valued it tremendously and showed it by taking care of it, washing the outside, keeping the inside spotless.  If anything needed to be fixed, I did it.  I always kept my cars in primo shape.  That’s just an example, it can applied to anything we receive.  Now for the flip side.  How many of us have gotten raises at work, been happy when we see it in our paychecks a few times, then after a while start thinking about that next one, still unhappy with our pay?

So what is my point?  With awareness, we can say “thank you” with feeling by focusing on the value of whatever it is we receive.  And by focusing on that, we will continue to receive more of it.  There is no question that we are created to expand in all areas of what we define as our lives, but that expansion will only occur when we feel real appreciation and gratitude for what we have instead of contempt for what we don’t have.  That is the guidance, when we feel truly grateful, we are headed the right way, when we don’t, we aren’t.



Fairy Tales…..Part 1

Once upon a time there lived a little boy and girl in a small village.  The son and daughter of a farmer, they would get up each morning, do their chores then go out to the fields and play.  They heard their parents talk of a dragon but never paid attention, just played.  One day the parents took the children with them to the village.  While the parents went in to the various shops to purchase supplies, the children walked up and down the one main road through the village.  Upon reaching the very end of the village there was an old hut with an old man sitting outside.  Curious as children are they walked up to the man and asked him about the dragon everyone talked about but they had never seen.  The wise old man smiled and asked the children to sit while he told them about the dragon and why they never saw it.  “The dragon is whatever a person fears.”

“But what is there to fear? asked the little girl.

Chuckling out loud, the wise old man replied, “Exactly, there is nothing to fear but many grownups believe there is and so the dragon appears to them.  Most children like yourselves don’t know fear so the dragon can’t hurt you.”

The children’s parents soon came and took the children to return home but before they left the old man told them, “I enjoyed our talk very much, feel free to come visit me anytime.”

With that, the children and their parents returned to their home.  The children wouldn’t see the old man again for 5 years, when the two would become teenagers……




Find a Light

Sometimes in life we get a little lost in our own darkness.  It may be a desire or a situation we just can’t seem to see our way out of.  We can find some peace in meditation, gratitude and any other activity we love and that works for a while until we find ourselves in that place again.  As an avid reader of positive, spiritual, and enlightening materials, I can always pull some reason for it from mental knowledge.  But the real truth lies deep within me.  What we want isn’t always what we want.  It is an oxymoron, I know, but many things I thought I wanted and made plans, vision boards and affirmations about just didn’t resonate with me and soon I would be back to square one.  It finally dawned on me that the only way to conquer darkness is with light.  I had to find a light, a spark that makes me feel good and good about myself.  I am a work in progress but a little light goes a long way and I am seeing that much of what I truly want, I’ve been resisting and much of what I thought I wanted was what I was chasing.  Well, I’m happy to say the chase is over and now I am content to allow what I truly want to come to me thanks to a little light in my soul.





It’s been quite a while since my last post.  I have discovered that we sometimes get overwhelmed by distractions.  I know there are those who seem to easily glide through them but I am not one, at least not yet.  In the midst of all that has happened, I’ve found some important clues as to why it happened and how to move forward.  Life is energy and when we allow ourselves to be drained of the positive energy we are, we soon start to lose sight of what we are trying to do.  Just like a battery, we need to be recharged.  That may be by getting away alone or let ourselves become immersed in an activity that boosts our vibration.  For me, it was learning to let go of the situation.  Releasing the fear, frustration and negative thoughts.  As I began to do that, the universe provided me with information from spiritual sources that not only informed me but enlightened me, gave me back the hope, desire and purpose I misplaced.  Questions were answered and now it’s game on, again.  As with all that happens to us, it was necessary for me learn.  I now understand that recharging is a daily habit and when done will carry me through eternally.




Life is….OpArt

For those who don’t know what Op Art is, think of it as a picture within a picture.  For example, one of my favorites was a picture of the ocean at sunset but within it there were dolphins jumping out of the water.  Of course I didn’t see the dolphins until someone explained that you have to RELAX your eyes and they would appear.  It took me a few moments but then I saw them.  It was so cool.  Today I remembered that and it hit me.  That is life.  Everything we see has something else in it.  That’s why we shouldn’t be so hasty to judge.  It is also the same about relaxing the eyes, when we relax the way we see things, we see so much more and it changes our reality.  So the next time you see someone or something, relax and see what else appears.  It just might be the answer you’re looking for.



The Tides of Life

How could I have been so blind to all the clues?  The answers to every burning question is there, in nature itself.  Take the tides, for example.  There is the high tide and the low tide.  Both influenced by the moon.  And just like the tides, our lives have the same ebb and flow.  We have times of plenty (high tide) and times of less (low tide).  And just like the tides, both the highs and lows are never exact.  Some of the high tides are more than others and likewise with the low tides.   And if you were to keep a close record, you’d probably see a pattern emerge as to when they occur (hint, look to the moon and stars).  Another part of the phenomena is the tsunami (tidal wave).  The larger the wave approaching the coast, the more water is drawn out before it lands.  Doesn’t it always seem to be that we seem to be at our lowest, or have the least right before we receive something magnificent.  I knew I was intrigued with the ocean for a reason.