I joined the US Air Force after graduating High School.  After sixteen years, I left to pursue “my dream” of being a successful businessman.  As it turned out, I had several mid-management jobs that left me unfulfilled and still looking for the dream.  Nine years ago I came upon the book “Harmonic Wealth” by James Ray.  I started researching everything I could on the “Law of Attraction”.  I found myself and my dream, not as some businessman, but as a genuine lover of life, doing things that really are fun.  I started blogging a couple of years ago just for the fun of writing (something I am doing a lot of now) and have now decided to upgrade and share my experiences and thoughts with whoever reads it.  I have come to know one truth, that there is only the journey.  If there is a destination, it is only a brief stopover till the journey continues.


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