New Year Revelations

Another year is here.  For many it’s another time to start over, make resolutions and/or  just keep going in the same direction.  For me, it’s more about reflection, then acting.  In March I will start receiving my social security retirement.  I decided to take it early so I could move toward my dreams now.  When I decided to do it, it seemed like a great plan and still does, just not with as much enthusiasm (I am working on that).  I had to ask myself why?  Why is it that 4 months ago, everything seemed to be absolutely perfect in planning?  What is it that is different than what I thought?  I’m sure you know the answer as well, it’s me.  Not the circumstances, not the people around me, but just me.  Here’s the revelation, life is our perception of what goes on around us.  So any changes come from our perceptions, and our perceptions change only when we change.  Okay, that’s great.  I had a deep thought and understand it.  So what?  What do I do with it?  That’s the real revelation.  It’s all about what I do with the knowledge and thoughts I have.  I am getting back to my optimistic self and renewing my faith in my dream.  I just had to have that revelation in order to move on.  As for my reflection, last year had some awesome moments.  I started a new business, I went back to exercising with healthier eating, I stopped smoking and now….My dreams are manifesting.


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