Getting Over Yesterday

In the universe of self-improvement, there is always that book or video about letting go of the past, however, it always seems to pertain to something that wasn’t so good.  As far as I’m concerned, that’s not as hard.  The hard one (at least to me) is getting past that triumph or time when I was on top of the world, doing exactly what I wanted and just didn’t realize it at the time.

Why couldn’t I have known then what I know now?

That’s a question I don’t think I can honestly answer without reciting one of the many gurus, “You had to learn the lesson.”  Okay, what lesson?  Well, it’s time to swallow the pride and note the obvious.  Being present with awareness.

It’s never too late to go back?

Not exactly.  While all things are possible are possible in the Universe, not all are in this illusion of reality.  Not to mention (like the gurus say), you probably don’t really want to because you’re wanting more (I hate it when they’re right).

So, what can I do about it?

I won’t repeat the chant of just get over it because that just won’t cut it, but what will is…go back in my mind, not only to the good, but the bad that was happening at that time, and the thoughts I had then.  This is where the Aha moment happens.  I was thinking then of being where I am now, duh! (The grass is not only greener on the other side, it keeps moving).  The next thing I began to realize was there are events I liked back then that when I try to go to now trigger those feelings.

A New Hope (sounds like a movie?)

The bottom line is that we experience both good and bad things.  We cannot let ourselve become attached to either.  I have great memories of being part of something that was important to myself and mankind.  I played my part, but it’s over and time for me to find that next thing that allows me to feel those feelings of pride, accomplishment and be aware this time.








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