The Art of Shifting

What is shifting?

I define shifting as simply changing perspectives.  We all have those times in our lives when something unforseen happens.  It could be financial, relationship or health.  I personally had a relationship end all of a sudden with no warning at all.  It is natural to get those overwhelming emotions  and questions of why now and how did this happen?  I learned about shifting from a talk Dr. Joe Dispenza gave where he cited an example of two women experiencing this same thing.  One let it dictate her life for years to come, using as an excuse.  The other saw it as the best thing that happened to her and thrived on her own.

How do we shift?

It’s not always easy.  From a neuroscience perspective, we have built several synaptic connections supporting the way things were.  Another way to put it, we spend years thinking and doing something so we can’t just change it immediately.  We may even recall thoughts we had that helped bring about the situation, but by stepping back in our mind and move our thoughts to our dreams and goals, we can start seeing from a different angle.  That is when magic happens.  I had to do it.  I stepped back and thought of my dream and the thoughts I had.  I started to not only feel better, but actually felt grateful for it.

What do we do after?

First, you may have to forgive yourself for whatever part you played.  Second, it is essential to start doing something that reinforces and supports your dream.  Even if it’s only making plans, as long as you intend and make the decision to follow through no matter how small the plan is.

My next post will be about cause and effect and how we get it backwards.


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