Passion, Practicality and Allowing

I read an interesting article today about passion and practicality.  In short it talked about balancing between the two.  It was an A-ha moment for me.  I’ve been reading and studying the law of attraction and all related information for over 9 years now.  I’ve experimented and used many of the different suggested techniques for self-development with much success.  However, I’ve not yet achieved that big dream and at times felt like settling for less.  So I began asking why?

As I mentioned, as soon as I read the article, it hit me.  We all have several “dreams” of what we want in this life.  And it is our nature to think in steps.  For example, in order to live a life of wealth, we first have to pay down the debt so we can save more, then invest in the materials needed to do what it is we want.  Then it’s a matter of getting proficient in what we’re doing which takes time.  We think we have to sacrifice our current lifestyle so we can attain a better one.

So where does that leave us?  Do we have to give up the things we worked hard for in order to do something believe we really want to do?  One of the first things that I realized was that we get signs and clues, but each one is meant to lead you to another.  We tend to believe when we suddenly see something, it’s the answer for everything, but the truth is that it is only an answer to one question and we will have more.

I remember reading and listening to Abraham-Hicks about momentum.  They talked about being on a fast train heading in one direction when you realize your going the wrong way and then wanting to “jump” from the train your on to the one headed in another direction.  It’s just not practical or easy, which is where failure and suffering usually come in.  Don’t get me wrong, there are those who have done it successfully, but that’s not the majority.  Which is exactly where the phrase, “don’t give up your day job” comes from.

Which brings us to allowing.  The most important key to getting the life you really want is letting it happen versus making it happen.  Another example I read some time ago, if your dream is to own an expensive car, you still need to be able to support having it.  Insurance is higher and so is the maintenance.  Just being able to have the car isn’t enough.  Working with a goal means taking it into account with every decision and as you make your decisions around that, things will happen to support your dream and when it all comes together, it’s absolutely beautiful and perfect.



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