The Next Secret

When the book and movie “The Secret” came out, it propelled the personal development industry to new heights.  If you haven’t seen or read them, it talks about the Law of Attraction.  Since then, there has been many other authors with their take on it as well as other aspects to life.  The need for gratitude, self-love, visualization, affirmations and a host of takes on eastern philosophy have become popular.

It is quite obvious that the Law of Attraction is just the tip of all that goes into living to our highest level.

One of the most simple, yet profound lessons I’ve learned is to mind my own business.  This concept seems to go against the grain of society, where we are constantly seeking to improve “mankind” with solutions to every ill and problem we see.  However, it is that fine line of being part of the solution without trying to impose our opinion.

I do advocate giving in any way possible to help those in need.  The trick is to do so without judgment as to why the problem exists.

This is also very, very key to relationships.  I believe it is the root of our abilities to live in harmony with everyone around us, especially those we consider close (spouse, children, family).  It isn’t easy to watch a friend go through a situation without trying to comfort or help them in some way.  It’s even harder when it’s a family member.  But, if we have to learn our lessons through experience, don’t they?  We can share our beliefs about consciousness and mindfulness, but we can’t expect them to see it unless they choose to.

The bottom line is simple.  Each person has his or her own dream.  It is up to each of us to seek our own dream without expectation of anyone else.  When we do that, the people who need to be in our lives, are and the ones who don’t, fade away.  And that’s the secret of getting where we truly want in life.



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