Am I Being Heard?

The past couple of months have been a little stressful.  Ok, very stressful.  I have incurred extra expenses and have been getting less money from work.  Like most of the people on this planet, when faced with dire situations, we turn to God, Universe or Source and start asking for miracles.  Even the most aware and people with higher consciousness either do or have done it.

Why?  I believe we all have that innate awareness we are something more just temporarily occupying a body.  So back to the question, “Am I being heard?”  The answer is absolutely yes.  More so, we are getting the answers.  So why don’t we get it?  Well, that’s a lesson I learned recently.  Not from some guru, but from my own experience and awareness.

You see, we all tend to look for specific answers we want.  By doing so, we neglect and ignore the ones we are getting.  Often, the answers require us to do something different, to change how we think or to leave our comfort zone.

How many times have we asked for more money, yet, never bothered to look at doing something different even when that email offered a chance for a different source of income.  How many times have we asked for a better relationship, yet, keep staying with that person who isn’t really right for us.  And there’s that fear.  The fear of failure, what if I try a new job and it doesn’t pan out?  I can’t afford to leave my spouse right now so I’ll work on a plan to get to where I can.

The only way to truly “get” the answer, is to move out of the way of ourselves.  To let go the programming we’ve accumulated and think like nothing’s in the way.

I believe we come here to experience both good and bad.  It’s what life is really about.  If we wanted nothing but feeling good, we wouldn’t have come here.  It’s also about the journey to awareness and the gradual lifting of the veil that separates us from the infinite.

So, the next time you start to ask for that miracle, look around, objectively, listening to that inner voice that is whispering, here you go, now do it.



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