In the world of self-help and personal growth, very little is said about endings.  It seems that so much emphasis is on starting and going that many believe it won’t end.  But the natural cycle of all things has an ending.  While we energetically and spiritually endless, everything we experience has a start and finish.

I believe that endings can be extremely powerful and uplifting when accepted and viewed the right way.  Most people have experienced a bad relationship and even though the breakup was tough, afterwards everything was fine.  But what about the good relationships?  Why do they have to end?  And it’s not just relationships, but everything we be, do and have.

It’s about experiencing.  We are here to experience as much as possible by choice.  The thrill of any achievement isn’t the outcome, it’s the getting there.  When you think about it, wasn’t that moment you graduated from school, or left home to be on your own one of the most thrilling and exciting moments of your life?  Have you ever felt so overwhelmed with your life and remembered what is was like to look to the unknown life ahead and dream of all the possibilities?

Of course, but did you ever consider that there would be an end to every up and down along the way?

Endings are part of beginnings.  Just like leaving home as a young adult or teen, childhood ended so adulthood could begin (not that we acted like adults at first).  So if we can accept endings as well as beginnings we will live a much more rewarding life with less grief and more optimism.



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