The Fine Line

Living a life of awareness, you will find yourself in what I call the third position.  What I mean is that you will see both sides of everything and notice what each side is for and against.  In most cases, you will see that both sides want the same thing but it’s the way of getting it that differs.  This is especially true in the world of self-help and spiritual guidance.

I recently watched a video of Vishen Lakhiani, the founder of Mindvalley, talk about how he views himself as an activist for unity as opposed to just an entrepreneur.  I have a lot of respect for him and agree that world unity is indeed a worthy desire.  However, in his talk, he brought up the issue of the pubic being “lied to” by large corporations promoting their products.

This is where the fine line comes in.  It is great to support the desire for world unity and peace and even promote products to enhance knowledge and awareness.  But it cannot be dictated.  It can only happen when each individual decides they want to live in peace and harmony.

As for the lies and propaganda that comes from corporations, when no one is buying their product, they will go away.

The fine line is between desiring something worthy and living it versus trying to persuade others to see it your way.  Observing both sides is a neutral position, once you voice support for or against something, you’ve taken a side.

As I mentioned before, everyone has choice, it is a universal law that cannot be violated, no matter the circumstances or repercussions.

I realize that even this post may be a fine line but I do intend it with Love and Gratitude for mankind.


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