As a student of higher consciousness, I have come to question why I think, say and do things.  Time and time again, I find myself wanting to prove to myself and/or others what I believe to be true.  So then I question why?  Why do I feel the need to “validate” my thoughts.

In trying to unravel this, I’ve come to believe it is woven into our very existence from birth.  Think about it, as a child we get praised when we do something good and reprimanded when we do something bad.  Getting praised feels a lot better than being chastised so we start looking to get the praise.  We go to school and try to get good grades so our teachers and parents will praise us, yet when we don’t meet their expectations, we are told to study more or even receive some sort of punishment.

Once we enter into our teens, we begin to question everything.  I believe this is also an integral part of us.  It’s like an opportunity to expand our thinking and step into a higher consciousness, but we continue to seek validation.  This is where there seems to be a separation.  We either continue to try to please our teachers and parents, or we try to please those peers we’ve chosen to associate with, or both.

We continue, with either more schooling or into the job market, all the while trying to validate what we think to be true.  It carries into our relationships.  We’ve grown up believing in the fairy tale of finding a “soul mate” to live with forever or finding a job to work at for 50+ years so we can retire. All the while trying to validate our believing this to be true.

Okay, so the day comes when you awaken to all of this and again start challenging your beliefs.  Great, but how do we know what to believe?  How do we know we are really meant for something more and better?

This is where it gets tricky.  If I believe something to be true, such as what I’m writing about on this blog, am I just sharing or trying to validate it by looking for others to “like”  or comment on it?  I believe that I am just trying to share my thoughts as long as I don’t try to argue my case.

So, is validation wrong?  Not necessarily, as long as it’s just within you.  You just have to be honest with yourself and know when to accept with faith or challenge what you believe and adapt.



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