Sounds Good

In 1954, the earth’s resonance was discovered.  It’s called the Schumann resonance, named after the scientist that theorized and discovered it.  It measured at 7.83 Hz.  That same frequency is also known in eastern traditions as Ω (om), the tone used in meditations.

The frequency of 7.83 Hz is associated with alpha brain waves, which according to the article I read, is why getting out into nature can be so relaxing and soothing.  It brings a certain clarity to the mind.

Now the Schumann resonance is monitored and measured continually.  In early 2014, there was a spike in the resonance, it went up to 15-25 Hz.  At the time, it was considered an anomaly since it returned to the normal frequency of 7.83 Hz.  Then in January, 2017, it rose to 36+ Hz.

Again, according to the article, this higher frequency is associated with nervousness, anxiety and stress in the beta frequency we are in when we are awake, but with awareness, it can also be a precursor to moving into the gamma frequency, which is where we can access our “supernatural” abilities (i.e. third eye, unified field interaction, etc.).

The important thing to remember is that the Schumann resonance is the connection between humanity and the earth.  As humanity elevates its awareness and consciousness, so does the planet and vice versa.

As the author points out, our civilization is on the cusp of a new age of awareness that could be another “golden age” indeed.




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