Jack of All Trades

There’s an old adage, “Jack of all trades, master of none.”  It’s most commonly used to describe someone who has a little bit of knowledge in a lot of areas, but not a lot.  It actually came as a description of a person who could do a lot handy-man type of work but was never accomplished at any one of them.  Either way, it’s not regarded as a good thing.

As I was thinking about a purpose in life, it came to me that I have had a lot of experiences and tried a lot of things in my life, but had never become a master at them.  At first, I felt a little down, wanting to give into the thinking, “if only” I had stuck with this or that.

But as I continued to think about it, I realized that I’ve done so much more than many others.  I now believe that maybe that’s my purpose, to simply experience as much as I can in this given lifetime.  I believe that it’s even necessary for some of us to do that.  After all, not every singer becomes a star, not every business person becomes the head of a giant corporation.  The important thing is that they tried.  I’ve read many accounts of people who start out trying to “make it big” at something, only to find something else that they enjoy more.

I do believe that as long as a person is happy with what they’re doing, that’s what they should do.  And if they lose their interest or love of doing that, move on to something else and simply do what they enjoy.




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