Love And Forgiveness

We know we’re supposed to love and forgive everyone.  That is a challenge in itself.  It does not come easy, it takes an effort to really love and forgive those who’ve betrayed our trust in some way.  In fact, it may take a long time to really get to that moment when you can honestly feel it.  I believe it’s something we really want and are trying.

What about loving and forgiving ourselves?  I know for me, that’s even harder.  After all, we are our own worst critics.  Once we become aware, we consciously take responsibility for what we’ve done, yet, forgiving ourselves can seem almost impossible.  Especially when we seem to repeat something we know we shouldn’t do.  So how do we love and forgive ourselves?

Just like affirmations, I believe we need to repeat the words everyday, “I love and forgive myself unconditionally.”  I also believe that is where we need to start in order to truly forgive others.  Sometimes the lesson we need to learn is simply that, to love and forgive.  That also may be the reason we repeat those things we know aren’t in our best interest.

It also brings the point of staying present.  We only need to forgive what’s already done, it’s in the past.



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