Can You Feel It?

I watched a great movie today by Jay Weidner on Gaia.  It’s called “Infinity”.  It features many people who’ve had near death experiences.  While their accounts are similar on many levels, there are some different takes which helps to understand the whole process.

One of the greatest things I took from it was that we are so much bigger than these bodies on this planet.  We are part of the infinity with no beginning and no end.  We choose to come here to experience and learn.

Having read much of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work, he refers to this same thing in his meditations.

We all have the infinite knowledge within us to do or be anything, all we have to do is to allow it into our reality.  I believe we have a dual sensory system.  Physical and spiritual.  Naturally, our physical is sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.  Our spiritual is deeper, more fulfilling and more natural.  It is only because of our early learning we begin to distrust what we don’t physically sense.

So how do we get back to our spiritual senses?  As always, the first step is awareness.  Knowing it exists.  Second, we have to shut off the programming.  We do it every night when we sleep, we just need to intentionally set our minds to be open.  Many do it with meditation, especially Kundalini.  Finally, relax.  We need to accept we are enough just as we are and a little bit goes a long way.

There is so much more to get out of this life than what traditional science and religion tells us.  We all have so much more to offer to each other than what we may believe.

Can you feel it?  That calling?  That yearning?  Now you know.



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