Open to Change

Change is one of the most feared and challenging aspects of life.  Remember being a teen and looking at “old people” and either thinking or saying, I hope that never happens to me?  If like me and active, you might even have said “I’m never going to let myself get out of shape like that.”  But it does happen, we physically change over time, we may stay fit, but probably not as fit or we may even retain our appearance and not look our age, but again we do look older than we did.

Physical changes aren’t the only thing.  We learn and experience different things which cause us to change the way we live.  Just when we think we’ve got it all solved, something new comes out and here we go again.  I’ve just got to say this, I find it so funny about nutrition.  As a kid, the food chart was all about a balanced diet of meat, starches, vegetables, fruits and dairy products.  By the time I graduated high school, eggs and milk (dairy) became bad for you due to cholesterol, so you needed to eat more cereal with non-fat milk.  After that vegetarianism started gaining support.  Then eggs became healthy again when they discovered the two types of cholesterol.  Along the way, protein became the big thing we needed.  Now you can find several different diet plans, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, mediterranean, etc.  Personally, I’m for whatever a person feels right for them.

The point is that when we develop beliefs,  we shouldn’t necessarily look at them as permanent.  We must be open to the changes that may support our beliefs or overturn them.


P.S.  I guess my cake and ice cream diet just doesn’t work on any level. (LOL)

P.S.S  Or does it? (hmmm)


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