Seeking Truth

We often hear people talk about “the” truth, as if there is only one.  We also hear about something happening and why it happened and then labeling that as the truth.  After some anguish trying to determine how I viewed a particular news event, I came to the conclusion that while a fact is true in and of itself, without context and perspective, it has nothing to do with truth, but is just data.

Each and every person on this planet has their own truth.  It comes from what they know and believe.  There may be similarities with others, but there is always something a little different.  The difference comes from the perspective they have.

So in order to seek truth, you cannot look outside yourself for it.  You may learn or experience something that amends or changes what you hold to be truth, but the answer is always in you and from your perspective.

In my own desire to learn as much as I can, I keep coming back to me and the only question that can help.  That question is why?  Why does this resonate or not resonate with me?  Why do I see it this way?  Why do I feel this way?

As I ask myself the questions, there is always a sign of where to go next.  Seeking truth is never ending.  There is no one outcome or destination, but a constant growth in spirit and wisdom.





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