Mental Recycling

When we think of recycling, we automatically think of helping our earthly environment.  It is a great way to save costs and reduce landfill buildup.  You may also think of it in terms of donating clothes and other household items to charity.  That’s also a great way to help people in need.  So what exactly is mental recycling?

Well, I’ve often recalled some moments in my life that didn’t turn out as well as I wished it would.  I know the whole “forget your past” mantra, but let’s face it, that’s easier said than done.  At least it is for me.  Maybe it’s this lesson I needed to learn, but it came to me that maybe there is some value in it.

We all play different roles at different times in our lives.  It may be in a job or a relationship.  It may be just our age, like a teen then an adult.  We can’t change what we did or thought at that time, but we can look for what was positive about it and re-use it.  For me, it was my time in the military.  I had it made and I loved what I did, but I left the service for what I now know was to be the wrong reason.  But I didn’t know it then so how could it have been wrong?  Well, that’s the recycling part.  I can’t go back into the military and I can’t change what I did, but I can apply the lesson to my life now.

In fact, there were a large number of lessons to be learned from the 16 years I was in.  All the things I liked about it, I can still use or do.  I enjoy the discipline to be physically fit, I enjoy the travel, I enjoy the camaraderie with others and I enjoy a sense of purpose.

I can now look back with a grateful heart and smile, knowing that I am still able to do all the things I love, supported by the memory that I always did.




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