Because I Choose To…

Not too long ago, I bought the 5 Second Journal, created by Mel Robbins.  It is an interactive type of daily journal with questions to answer.  The first item is a gauge of how you feel when you get up and then there’s an area to list 3 reasons why you feel that way.

After viewing the example page and trying to answer in the same manner, I discovered something about myself.  Even if I wake up in a less desirable mood, I don’t get out of bed until I change it.  I never get up till I feel good about it.  So everyday I always mark the meter between good and excellent.  And why?  Because I choose to.

Today, I got to thinking about it and that’s the real reason I am who I am, I choose to.  It’s easy to look at things and try to assign our feelings and opinions to the circumstances around us, but when we quiet our minds for just a moment we know it is all of our choosing.

For me, that means power and possibility.  I can and do choose everything in my life.  And when I want a change, I simply choose.  How magnificent!!!



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