Desire and Resistance

When it comes to making changes in life, there are some things that are easier than others.  We hear the stories of success, we read the books, watch the videos and seminars of people who’ve made it.  We are then motivated to follow the steps and everything is going fine till that one day when it seems to stall.  Why?  What am I doing wrong?

I was thinking about some things in my own life that haven’t happened, yet, and wondered the same thing.  Then I had an epiphany.  Well, it was for me, even though it’s been said many different ways.  When my desire for something becomes greater than the resistance I have, change begins.  I say begin because the desire has to grow and the resistance must dissolve, and that’s when it manifests.

All too often, when we have a lot of successes in changing, we eventually come to that one thing we’ve been avoiding.  It could be a habit that doesn’t serve us or a toxic relationship that we just can’t seem to walk away from.  Whatever it is, we believe that it will be too difficult or uncomfortable to do (resistance) and then over think it into maybe it’s not meant to be.

The good news is that as long as you focus on the desire and not the difficulty, the desire will grow until it eventually becomes greater than what’s holding you back.



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