A Simple Life

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot about living with less.  I am a believer in that philosophy and try to do so myself, however, it occurred to me that just living with less may not be the complete story.

What does it mean to live simple or to simplify our lives?  After much deliberation and asking myself, I’ve come to some conclusions.  First, I have a mantra that multi-tasking is the mother of mediocrity.  I have had too much experience in having to multi-task, whether it be at work or at home and even though things were accomplished, they just weren’t as satisfying as if I had been able to focus more clearly.  So to simplify, I am committing myself to taking on one task at a time instead of trying to get more done quicker.

Second is technology.  We live in a magnificent time when we access so much from just about anywhere, but what’s the trade-off?  Less attention to what is happening around us and more importantly, less attention to the people around us.  It’s no wonder that so many people claim to have relationship issues when they spend so much time on their smart phone messaging instead of talking face to face.  Along with the smartphone, there’s the tablet and the laptop.  Don’t misunderstand, I do use these items, but again I am committing to reducing my apps to the ones that provide more quality to my life and my goals without taking me away from more important matters.

Third is food.  That’s right, food.  In all of my reading on health and fitness, the most effective way to nourish our bodies is with whole, natural foods.  If it is not necessarily whole, it should be minimal organic ingredients.  An example is peanut butter.  The kind I get is made up of organic peanuts and sea salt.  Now a caution about organic is that if you look, you can find a myriad of organic processed foods.  While they are a better choice, simple whole, natural is the best.

Finally, find simple pleasures.  There is nothing wrong with vacation to a tropical island for some r and r, but do we really need to do the whole 3 tours a day for the week?  Personally, I’d rather just sit out on the beach, read a book or just daydream while listening to the waves crash on the reef.  There’s been a long tradition on many tropical islands to watch the sunset.  I am grateful I was able to do so when stationed on the island of Guam.  I also remember the native Chamorro people would sit outside every night after dinner and just talk till bedtime.  It’s no wonder they always seemed to be happy.

What we believe is all a perception and I encourage you to simply take a look as I have and try to simplify something in your life and let me know if this helped.  I am very grateful for all who have read my posts and look forward to viewing yours.




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