How Much Effort?

In the spirit of this blogs theme, Live to Learn, there’s always a question about how much do I want or need to know?

I’ve asked myself that very question several times.  I’ve discovered new teachers with a different take on something and decided to keep reading their material and others I’ve never taken a second look at.  Why?  It’s easy to get overwhelmed with so many different takes on the subject of life and self-help and some of it just doesn’t resonate with me.  There are also some that I dismissed previously but somehow came back to and it felt right.

So what does this have to do with “more is better?”  It’s not about piling up an enormous amount of reading, watching and learning, it’s about selecting different strategies to use.  I can’t count the number of times I would try something and it just didn’t seem to click only to try a different approach and it worked perfectly.

I suggest defining to yourself exactly what you believe in terms of effort.  Why effort?  Because all self-help is a common theme of bettering yourself and/or achieving something, be it health, wealth, or a general sense of well-being and how much effort you feel you need to put into it determines which technique will work for you.

In the world of self-help, the amount of effort needed varies greatly.  One inspirational coach may talk of massive action and effort while another will talk of effortless change to achieve the same thing.  Both can be right, depending on the person and their beliefs.

I have personally found that there are some areas in my life I’ve had to put a degree of effort into while other areas were a simple shift in thinking.  Either way, by having more knowledge and techniques to use, you can optimize your spiritual, mental and physical growth exponentially.


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