I am learning to trust my instincts.  I’ve read and heard from almost all of my mentors how I should look for the signs and listen to the subtle voice that urges me.  At first, I couldn’t really tell if I was or not, but then one day while driving, I had a choice of which direction to take.  My mind was telling me to go a certain way because of traffic, but something told me to take the other way.  I decided to take the other way and to my amazement, even with the traffic, the lights were all green, the traffic flowed smoothly and I reached my destination sooner than if I’d gone the logical way.  Being aware of what happened, I then knew what to do.

Inspiration, just like that little, subtle voice comes to us when we least expect it.  As a writer and musician, I know what it means to look for inspiration and not find it, but again, it’s when I relax and allow the thoughts to flow without trying to push them, it happens.

Living an inspirational life is magical.  It is the journey we are supposed to be on.  Allowing instead of forcing, knowing instead of guessing.  It’s taking each step in faith, learning what we need to learn and manifesting our desires in unexpected ways.



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