Life with Application is Easy

I once had a math professor start his course by saying “math with application is easy.”  Needless to say, I had no problem in the class.  He gave us the formulas and we applied them to our projects and voila, they worked.  Fast- forward 20 years, I have no problem with math but in life, well, we all know the kind of things that seemingly come out of the blue.  Of course we learn and accept that we are responsible and we look for the lessons in them, but what do we do about them?

It finally hit me (duh!), that learning things is indeed power, but power is useless without application.  Just like a car with 500 horsepower, if you don’t put it into gear (apply), you’re still not going anywhere.

So whether it’s meditating, being grateful, or changing a habit, you have to apply it.  I am speaking from my heart because for a while, I spent all my time reading and learning but always found an excuse for not actually doing.  But today is a brand new day and today I am applying the gas and off on a new journey.

This is your invitation from the Universe to start applying what you know and enjoy the ride, whether fast or slow, it doesn’t matter.  A spirit in motion tends to stay in motion.  See?  Applied physics. (LOL).



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