We live in an incredible time of discovery.  According to the latest research, we double what we know every year.  In fact, we are learning so much, so fast, it is difficult to implement the application before another discovery is made.

One of the most significant findings in recent time is the scientific proof of an energetic connection of everything in the universe.  While this has been known to many throughout the history of man, it was always a matter of believing without seeing.  As we consciously integrate this knowledge into our lives, many things change and there are some who are resistant to accepting.

I want to take a look at some of the false beliefs many hold about this.  The most obvious is the fact we are connected to everyone, even those we claim to be our enemies.  As more people find their selves and awareness, I have faith that we may see an end to the wars and fighting.  In fact, there are fewer casualties of war now than ever before in our current history.  A good start.

Another false belief is that we are separate from our physical surroundings.    We are connected with the earth and need to give more attention to what we are doing to it.  I do believe the earth gives us resources to use, but mankind has a tendency to overuse and abuse due to greed.  But again, with knowledge and awareness, we can change the way we look at resources and find better ways to live without the destruction of our planet.

I am excited for the future.  I believe we are in the beginning stages of another golden age.




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