Get Off the Bandwagons

As I subscribe to many groups and people within the self-help community, I get a lot of suggestions for training and learning.  I have taken some of the courses and learned  a great deal.  But it also appears to divide people within this same community and much of the purpose is lost.  I know in my life, I’ve liked a particular author or idea to the degree of thinking that they or it was the answer I was seeking to solve everything, only to find out it was just another piece of a much larger picture.

I am very grateful that we have access to so many different ideas that ultimately lead to the same place, but one size doesn’t fit all.  It’s a matter of finding an answer to a question till the next question arises, then the answer my come from someone or somewhere else.  The key is being open to answers from anywhere or anyone.

In this physical reality, we appear to be limited by time and space, but it is only an appearance.  When we slow ourselves down, relax and get out-of-the-way, miracles happen before our eyes and we feel the connection that is always there.

The answers we all seek are often in the last place we want to look, inside.



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