Infinite Possibility

In the past nine years, I’ve devoted a lot of time to studying as much as I can about the “Law of Attraction.”  It started with one book, “Harmonic Wealth” by James Ray then led to books and videos by Bob Proctor, Rhonda Byrne, Neale Donald Walsh, Dr. Joe Dispenza and many, many more.  While the styles and some of the content more specific, there has always been a common theme.  That theme is simply infinite possibilities.  It is a difficult concept only because of our perceived limitations, yet we heard it when we were kids.  Every parent I know of has told their children at one time or another, you can do anything if you set your mind to it.  But because we didn’t see it in them, we filed it away in our subconscious as useless information.  We grow up, we remember it but it just doesn’t seem to be true or when seeing what we have to do to get it, shrug it off for a more comfortable way of living.  That is, until we get to the point we really want change.

I was talking to someone about things we would’ve done versus what we did and it came to me.  At the point of choosing, there are as many different realities as there are choices.  Combined with the choices of others, every single possibility exists and our choice(s) determine which reality we choose to be in at that time.  This has been scientifically proven in quantum physics and that’s a subject of discussion in itself, but if we just stop for a second and consider all the possibilities (we can fathom), wouldn’t we be more selective in our choices?  It’s not necessarily about consequences or rewards, but what experiences we want on a deeper level.

I’ve found that the distractions we have in this physical life can be so addicting, we can be paralyzed for years until we awaken to the truth, that we indeed do have infinite possibilities for a successful, fulfilled life.



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