It’s A Great Day

It is indeed, a great day.  Why?  Well, first, I am alive.  I have another chance to learn something, have fun, see someplace new, eat something good, work, and share with others.

Second, I am healthy.  In every way possible.  My physical health is great.  My mental health is great (depending on who you ask).  My emotional health is great and my spiritual health is great.

Third, I have everything I need.  I have a comfortable home to live, food in the cabinets and refrigerator and clothing to wear.

Fourth, I have transportation.  A car to go to work, store or any destination I choose.

Fifth, I have electronics (phone, TV, computer with internet access).  Some are for entertainment and some can be used for productivity.  Either way, they are available.

Sixth, I have friends and family who I love and they love me.

It is easy to get caught up in what we don’t have.  I’ve done it many times, but being aware of my thoughts enough to question them has leads me back to the present moment.  That time when gratitude can fill my heart and soul for everything I have.  When that happens, you are in vibrational alignment and that is where everything is created.

Love and Peace for Everyone,




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