Personal Perspective

I read an email today that talked about trusted information.  Of course the email was to suggest that I go to their website to get that trusted information.  My first reaction was resistance as I like to believe I know the difference between good information and bad information.  As I thought about some more, I understood the message within the message.  I’m sure we can all agree there are many websites that make claims of turning you into a multi-millionaire with their proven method, or how you can solve all of your problems and live a stress-free life, that are not what they seem to be.  But, we all must consider that each and every person has a different perspective on what they see or hear.

If there is any one lesson I’ve learned that sticks out in my mind, it would be my gut instinct or personal perspective.  I have read dozens of books by various authors in the personal development field and visited nearly the same amount of sites created by those same authors.  What I’ve found to be true 100% of the time is that at least part of what they say resonates with me at different times.  In fact, they all have the same message, just worded a little differently with a little different methods of application.

I did decide not to visit or subscribe to the site in the email.  Not because I didn’t believe in it, but rather believed in myself to already have a core of trusted advisers where I get my trusted information.

If we put our learning in one source, we only have one source of learning.  When we learn from multiple sources, we have multiple sources of learning and we can mold and reshape our person perspectives from there.





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