Live to Learn, Learn to Live

We are living in an incredible age of discovery about the human body and brain.  In the past couple of decades, discoveries in neuroscience and biology have proven that we are a product of our environment (beliefs) and the habits that come from that environment.  Likewise, we can alter and completely change our genetic makeup by changing our beliefs.

We are learning machines.  We learn from our sensory system (sight, sound, touch, smell and taste) every single day.  Our brain stores the information and with an emotional attachment, begins a synaptic connection.  With intentional learning and application, we can change ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually.

Once we are aware of this and start doing it, we can begin to live our lives as we truly want to.  Imagination becomes possibilities and as we move ourselves with application and action to support the possibility, opportunities become apparent and we begin manifesting desires we’ve long suppressed with limiting beliefs.

There are always obstacles and there is a reason.  Each obstacle represents something we need to learn in order to move on.  Many obstacles bring awareness to a deep seated belief we may have consciously forgotten but is still in our brain.  It is only through awareness we can see it, then begin to detach it.

True living is creating memorable experiences, because we only have NOW.  What happened in the past is a memory, good or bad.  The future is ours to aspire to, but only with the decisions and thoughts we have in the present.

I have a picture in my mind of what I want my future to be and knowing that I have the power to realize it with what I think, say and do today is living.



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