True Living

Over the past 8 years I’ve read and learned a great deal about being conscious and aware.  The more I study, the more I realize that the knowledge isn’t coming from an outside source but more of a revealing of what was already in me.  As I read a book, listen to a seminar or watch an insightful program,  I will suddenly flash back to a memory of that very thing happening at some point in my past.  That is why it is called awareness.

In one such instance, I was recalling an article about not wasting time.  After finishing the article, I began reflecting on it in depth and while I understood the context of the article and agreed to a point, there was something that didn’t resonate with me.  I couldn’t quite pinpoint what it was until many days later when I watched a video on how ancient Egyptians as well as other cultures used the stars to calculate time.

The problem I had with the article is more of a different perspective of time as it pertains to purpose.  I had to ask myself, “If I am an eternal spiritual being, what does time have to do with anything?”  The next question was, “What is my purpose in life?”

As I began to think more about the two questions, it became clear to me.  There is only one possible reason for a perfect eternal entity to limit parts of itself to the human experience.  To experience.  To experience the ups and downs, good and bad, the contrast that makes up life as we know it.  As we collectively awaken and move to a higher conscious, we are simply making our way back to where we came, only enriched with experiences we could not have had in that other dimension.  There is no such thing as time for an eternal being and even as humans, we can be sure that whatever we are supposed to do, we will do.  If not in this life, another.  What is important is that we be aware of our experiences, savor them and learn from them.




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