Looking For The Good

For those of us who try to see the good in everything, it can sometimes be a challenge.  It takes a lot of practice and even some creativity.  In America, where I live, the President recently signed a bill to reduce and/or eliminate the National Endowment for the Arts.  As an artist I felt somewhat betrayed and even upset.  How could a government want to get rid of the most valuable part of a nation?  After all, isn’t the arts what we all live for to some degree?  When you think about it, life revolves around the arts.  The arts provide more than entertainment, they give us identity.

Then, as I sat there thinking about it, a thought came to me.  What defines a true artist is the ability and desire to transcend what is and simply create something born from our feelings and experiences.  It was then I realized that in a way, it was a liberation.  In fact, it paves the way for Arts to become the way of life for all without ties to the government.

I believe it is the next step in conscious evolution.  Whether you are the creator who writes, sings, acts, draws, or paints, or the one who reads, listens, watches or views, art is woven into the fabric of our lives.





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