Feel Your Way

Human life is driven by “feelings”.  How we feel about something causes us to either act or not act, believe or not believe.  But more than that, our feelings are a result of our subconscious core beliefs/values and our core beliefs/values come from our experiences and what we’ve been taught.  Which is why we sometimes resist new teachings and information, as they challenge our current beliefs.  But when we allow ourselves to change our beliefs/values, we begin to feel differently about things and we become more intuitive.

What is called intuition is simply a feeling to guide us, and the more we become consciously aware of it, the more deliberate we can become in creating our realities.  As the wise people have always said, learning can only come when you are ready for it.  Until then you may find yourself, as I have, repeating a cycle over and over again.  Once that is recognized by your intuition, you now have the power to change it.

So listen to your feelings, ask yourself why and challenge your beliefs.  Change for the better.



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