Contrast Is The Spice of Life

The dream is clear, the intentions and goals are set.  Everything is going to be great.  Oh no, what just happened?  Why is this happening now?  This isn’t what I wanted?

Sound familiar?  If you’re like me, you do the things that are supposed to keep everything on track.  Meditation, vision boards, mindfulness and positive thinking, yet, things always seem to occur that aren’t in alignment with what I want.  I began asking why and got an answer, part of which I knew, which is the way I think about something which attracts the opposite of what I want.  But there is something else I never considered.

Contrast is what makes our universe visible.  If you’re watching a TV (or computer screen) and your contrast is too high, the screen is white and if too low, it is black.  In order to see, the contrast must be adjusted to a balance in between.

That represents the physical science part, but again there’s more.  For most people, when you talk of the ideal place to live, they will talk about a tropical island or some people would rather be on some secluded mountain by a lake.  No matter what your version of an ideal location is, I can speak from experience (having lived on an island for nearly 4 years), you will at some point crave change.

Without the contrast of what we don’t want, we can’t know what we want.  It is the contrast that clarifies what we do want and serves to remind us.  The only thing we do to sabotage it is to give in and start trying to negotiate our dream with ourselves and settle for less than what we really want.

It is the conscious understanding of this that gives us the power to recognize it and persist with a smile, knowing we’ve been reminded of what we want and it’s time to take another small step toward it.



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