Comfort Zones

In the world of self help and dream manifestation you will often come across the advice of getting out of your comfort zone.  While it is true you need to get out of the comfort zone in order to grow, the value and purpose of comfort zones is overlooked.


A comfort zone is a plateau or state of being when you feel comfortable or just okay with where you are and what is happening.  As we go through life we reach and be in numerous comfort zones, those times when everything seems to feel right.  It can be a financial comfort zone, we have enough money to pay for what we need with a little left over for a movie and a little in savings or a relationship comfort zone where we feel good about who we’re with and how we get along.  But it doesn’t last forever, things change and suddenly we need more money or our partner isn’t like they used to be.


So why do we have comfort zones if they aren’t going to last?  Comfort zones provide us with an opportunity to assess where we are and where we want to go from that point.  It is the right time to see and appreciate how far we’ve come and relish the moment we are in.  It is also the time to re-visit our dreams and be happy we are on the right track.


Getting into a comfort zone is easy but there are some things you want to avoid.  First, remember you’re goals and dreams.  It is too easy to settle and it never works.  When we try to stay in our comfort zone too long, we create a loop of experiences until we recognize we have to make a change.  Second, don’t try to brush it off and start looking for “how” to get out of it.  Without true appreciation and gratitude for where you’ve come from, you can’t move on.

There is no specific time limit for a comfort zone but if you recognize it and appreciate it, the exit door will open at the right time and you will be on your way to the next level of experience.



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