The Only Reason

I had a profound experience today.  I have a dream and I’m taking steps toward it but it just doesn’t seem to be coming as fast as I’d like.  I have spent time pondering what I should do or not do to help it along.  I questioned my reason for my dream, is it ego?  Is it fear?  Am I running from something?  Is it a worthy dream?

While these are good questions to ask, I was looking for the wrong answer until today.  I love to take drives but due to the condition of my car and wanting to “do” more to get to my dream, I haven’t taken one for years.  Today I got the urge to just go for a ride and while all the reasons not to came up, it dawned on me.  I wanted to so I did.  In doing so I feel as though a weight has been lifted from me and I see that I don’t need justification for anything I want to do other than I want to.

Now it’s time to let the good times roll!




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