Narrow Vision

Life lesson 1000.  There is a fine line between focusing on the outcome and living in the moment.  It is so easy to become so enrapt with a dream that all you do is think about it and what you’re doing to get there.  The downside?  Missing out on all that is happening around you.  Now I’m not suggesting we shouldn’t dream big or take steps to achieve that dream, just don’t be consumed with the future.

I had a moment today where I suddenly realized that in my quest for my dream, I had kind of neglected to really see how far I’ve come and how good I have it, Now.  That’s really the point of living, isn’t it?  To be happy where we are now while we quietly move forward.

In putting this all into perspective, I saw that I have everything I want for this moment in time and that I need to grow into the next level.  As “Abraham”* says, it’s a matter of vibration and raising our vibration to match what we want without resistance.  I can see in my own life how I’ve raised my vibration so much and am continuing.

I am now focusing on appreciation for where I am, knowing I am moving toward something better.  I want to let the future unfold for me in wondrous ways.


*Abraham-Hicks, a collective spiritual source of information channeled through Esther Hicks.


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