Things Always Work Out For Me

I have been using this affirmation for a few months now and it is simply amazing how true it is.  I have attracted money when it didn’t seem possible and I have unknowingly overcome fears.  I say unknowingly only because I did it without realizing it until after the fact.

It can be difficult to confront a person or situation, especially if you care about them.  I often try to “rationalize” how I can love someone yet know that they aren’t good for me at this point in my life.  I’ve read about distancing myself from negative people who just aren’t aware of their negativity.  You can’t tell them, it’s something they have to discover for themselves and you can’t just ignore it as it has an effect on you.  I’ve been writing in a journal for the past three years.  I believed it to be safe and a place where I could put my thoughts down on paper.  I was then confronted about some of the things I wrote and discovered that my journal was being read by someone else.  I then chose to create a journal on my computer that’s password protected.  I’ve been doing that for the past six months.  Yesterday though, I had the urge to write down some of my dreams and goals on paper.  I pulled out a notebook and began writing down what I want to do.  I had forgot about the prying eyes.  It was read and a response was written to it.  As I read everything I and she had wrote, I discovered that it was what needed to be done.  We each had time to  express our feelings without a heated confrontation. Even though I had openly stated these dreams and goals before, they were criticized and discouraged, but I never let go of them. It was my fear of another confrontation that I tried to keep them to myself, but now I have no secrets and feel like a weight has been lifted from me.

I learned a valuable lesson in all this.  When we have faith that things are working out, they are and when we start thinking we have to “make” something happen they aren’t.




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