Got An Itch?

Have you ever had an itch you just couldn’t seem scratch or get rid of?  You try to pinpoint it but never seem to quite get?  Now, have you ever had a thought that seems to pop up out of nowhere but you keep dismissing it as something you really don’t need or want?

I’m there.  I’ve been having a thought that at first I thought was great but talked myself out of it for all the so called good reasons; I’m sticking with my first choice, I don’t see how I could possible do it, I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

I know I’m being a bit vague but I think you can get the gist.  Today, that thought and feeling came back.  This time it was a bit stronger and with a little more oomph.  Not only did the thought come back but it came from my gut not my head.  I know it sounds crazy (especially as I’m writing) but it’s real.

I don’t know how or when but I know it will manifest.  As I load it into my daily affirmations and increase the belief daily, it will come to me.




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