Instincts and Habits

I am so amazed at the wonder of learning.  I’ve been studying about the Laws of the Universe for several years now and each day I seem to come across something I’ve read but didn’t exactly click until now.

I’ve always read that we should follow our instincts and develop good habits, but it’s only been recently I experienced the difference.  It seems like it should be easy but I now know it takes some conscious effort.  What I didn’t realize at the time was that I had habits that I adopted when I was really young and had done them for so many years that I simply did it without question.  I’m not talking about brushing my teeth but how I react to certain things being said or done.  Yes, we do develop those kind of habits.  It is only by awareness and questioning why we are thinking or doing something we see it.

Then comes the A-HA moment when we uncover that our true instinct is different.  Biases and prejudices come from learned behavior which over time becomes a habit.  It is our true nature to be loving, accepting and supporting of good.  It is our natural instinct to view life as fun.  It is my intention to question everything around me and seek the good aspect of all people, places and situations, after all that is why I am and what makes me be alive.




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