Don’t Run Away

Throughout my life I’ve found myself in situations I just wanted out of.  All I could think of is how can just start over.  Often, I did just that, I left with unfinished details.  In the end the reason I kept getting back into similar situations was the unfinished details.

Even since becoming aware of the universe, I find situations I just want to get away from, but it is in my awareness and awakened state I finally see the lesson.

For many, including me, being married to or in a relationship with someone who just isn’t growing in the same direction you are can feel like a trap.  You want to grow and grow and experience your new found awakened sense of freedom but they don’t seem want the same.  They may be comfortable the way things are or just afraid to take a chance on a new life.  No matter what the reason is, IT’S NOT THEM.

It’s all in how we are looking at it.

Step 1, look at yourself and recognize how you’ve changed instead of looking at them.  We seem to look outward more than inward.  In doing so we are shifting our attention to them instead of ourselves.  When your focus is inward, you’re able to recognize what it is you need and want.

Step 2, Focus on what exactly it is you want to do or be and take action.  Once you’ve shifted your attention to yourself, you can decide what it is you love to do and do it without caring about outside opinions.  Then and only then is when it is up to them to determine their course to take.

When it is all said and done, if you run to what you want instead of running away from what you don’t want, you will be happy no matter how it happens.





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