“To Be or not to Be”

One of the more difficult things for me has been to find what I really want to do.  Over the years I have done several things that I really enjoy.  Some of them I’ve revisited and enjoy doing them but only to a certain level.  I love to sing and play music but I don’t feel drawn to the point of training to a “professional” level.  There is so much to do and be, I just can’t seem to pinpoint that one thing I love more than the rest.  Then again, I haven’t found or had my perfect day where I actually get to do all the things I want in that day.  But, of course, it’s not about just doing what I love in order to be who I want to be.  I have to be who I want to be first, then do what I love to support being me.  So again, I choose “To Be”.




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