Effort vs. No Effort

Don’t you just love it when you’re on top of your game, reading inspirational books, meditating, and feeling like you’re on the way to the dreams?  Then one day you wake up and suddenly you take stock of your situation and think to yourself, why haven’t I gotten any further along?  You go back to the basics and suddenly you read or hear something that says you’re doing it wrong.  For me it’s been a mental battle when I read from the top minds in the self-help (for lack of a better genre title) industry and one says it should be effortless and the other says you need to take steps.  Granted, all the ones that encourage effort always speak of small amounts of it but the other insists that the only effort needed is to choose that which is presented.  While I can see what both are saying, I have decided to do both.  When I don’t feel like doing it, I won’t and when I do feel like it, I will.  I am simply going to trust that that urge to do something is from my inner source.




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