The Core

I have often touched on the subject of limiting beliefs and the need to change them but it wasn’t till today that I truly understood what that meant.  I thought I could just somehow acknowledge a belief I had and change it, however, today I learned that I’ve never really gotten to the core of my beliefs.  For the first time I realized that I have only been “consciously” aware of just a few things and thought I was changing them.  I now know that core beliefs or those beliefs we have that we don’t even realize we have.  They are those automatic responses and thoughts that occur.  I can now see that while awareness is the first step, it takes daily effort to “weed” them out, then correct it.  It is important to understand that these beliefs are from years of reinforcement and can not be eradicated in a day.  It may take me years to completely change them but it’s worth it.  There are many but as I confront them I begin to feel better and in more control.



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