There is no pause in life

Good things seem to come and go quickly and not so good things seem to linger, or at least that’s what I perceived for a long time.  The truth is… Life is in a constant state of change.  It is only our attention that brings us to a moment in that change.  When we are feeling good and doing something that makes us happy, we tend to not realize it till it’s over.  It is probably the most profound law of the Universe, Polarity or Contrast (if you prefer).  We could never know what happiness is if we’ve never felt unhappiness so in order to appreciate the happiness we must have a time of unhappiness.  Now that brings us to the first law of the Universe, Free will.  It is with free will we can determine “how” we feel the unhappiness.  This is mind boggling (at least for me).  I know I will have unhappy moments but when I’m aware of them, I can choose to see that first, they will end and second, there can be something good come out of them.  Okay, am I on the rollercoaster going up to the pinnacle to go down? or am I enjoying the speed of the downward plunge headed toward another climb?  It doesn’t really matter as long as I stay focused on enjoying the ride.



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