The Peanut Butter Jar

I love Peanut Butter, organic and natural (ingredients are organic peanuts, and sea salt).  This morning I went to the kitchen, put a slice of my sprouted grain bread in the toaster, got a hard boiled egg and the peanut butter.  I gave thanks and started by eating the egg.  Right on time, the toast popped up and I opened the jar to spread the peanut butter on it.  I found the jar was almost empty.  I could only see traces on the sides and a small clump in the bottom.  Feeling frustrated I didn’t pay attention the last time I ate so I’d go to the store I reluctantly began digging for what little I knew I would get.  The most amazing thing happened. I was so focused on trying to scrape up every little bit out of the jar I didn’t eve realize I had not only covered the toast but ran out of room for any more.  That’s when it struck me.  How many times have I done that in my life.  I look at a situation and think there is no possible way this can end good but I dig a little and push forward only to find that there was always enough to make it.  Now that I am aware, it just seems impossible to ever not have or do what my spirit desires.



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