Hidden Attachments

I posted once on attachments when I thought I had a good grip on my own.  I thought that I really worked to let go of them and I did, at least the ones I knew.  Something happened this week that caused me to look a little deeper.  I originally thought that attachments were not good (and they’re not for the most part) and I should try to avoid them, but, what if that item or person you’re attached to is an integral part of who you are or what you do?  For a writer, it could be their computer, or like me, driving to earn money, a car.  As I thought more about it, I came to realize that yes, if I were in the right position financially, I could lose my car or computer and I’d be alright.  But since I still owe on some debts (which is why I’m driving to earn money), I rely on the Universe to keep it possible to achieve a state of being debt free.  I suppose if I had enough faith, it wouldn’t matter but I feel the spiritual pull to rid myself of debt honestly and quickly.  I feel it even more as miracles seem to be happening to keep me going toward that desire.  I guess that maybe having an attachment for the duration of its use to achieve is just a part of the Universes way of helping me get there.  Once I’m there, I can release it back into the wild.



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